Blick Mead in print

Blick Mead has been the focus of many articles and news stories many of which have been at the forefront of Mesolithic research. The news story of the dogs tooth, which can be seen here was one of the biggest archaeological news stories of the year. Other news stories have been on a more jovial matter but no less poignant to research. One good example of this was the frogs leg story picked up by most news outlets in 2013 when the dig was gaining notoriety for the first time; read The Guardian’s take on this story here.

Blick Mead is ever changing with new discoveries every year, putting all of this together in one story is very hard but one of the most comprehensive stories about Blick Mead was run in February 2017 in Current Archaeology Magazine. This magazine has been a great friend to the Blick Mead dig and the Blick Mead team were thrilled this year to be awarded Current Archaeology’s Research Project of the year 2018, see the full story of that and pictures of the team with their award here.

2018 also saw the hugely anticipated Blick Mead monograph hit the shops. For anyone interested in the finer details of the dig, this book is what you are looking for. To the delight of everyone involved, the book sold out within the first day and is currently on its second print run. The book is available to buy through most book shops and through Amazon.

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Blickmead is now a regular entry on books about the Mesolithic and Stonehenge. Most recently the extrodinary flint finds were featured in David Mills new book, The Tale of the Axe.

The site has also flared up the imagination and inspired works of fiction, including Wells Literary Festival Children’s Author Pize shortlister, Pam Golden and her children’s story ‘A Tree in Time.’