Date Range

Blick Mead is categorized as a Mesolithic site and indeed it is, however, the date range that has been discovered at the site is one of its most fascinating aspects. Using Carbon Dating from a number of different trenches and materials, the Team have discovered a period of activity ranging from nearly 8,000BC up to approx 3,300BC. The full list of carbon dates is shown below but what it signifies most is that this was an area to which people returned to over and over again for almost 4,000 years, spanning nearly the entire Mesolithic period and stretching across the important research topic of Britain moving into the Neolithic period.

This exceptional date range has enabled researchers to study the whole of this site from its beginnings to the end of the Mesolithic period. There are clear changes within the structure and use of the landscape as time goes by which has proven to be incredibly important to everyone studying the Mesolithic period in Britain. The opportunity to study a complete Mesolithic period site in its entirety does not come along very often.

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Radio Carbon Dates from Blick Mead Trenches
TrenchContext no./depth (m OD)Feature/Context typeMaterialLab no.Radiocarbon age BPCal BC (68%)Cal BC (95%)
24[221]Tree throw [105], lower fillWood charcoalSUERC-668248775 ± 297937-77517960-7716
19[67]Layer [59]Bovine toothSUERC-425258542 ± 277593-75697596-7542
23[90]Layer [90]AurochsSUERC-519687808 ± 336657-66006698-6531
19[65]Layer [59]AurochsSUERC-336497355 ± 306330-61006360-6080
19[92]Layer [59]Red deerSUERC-519737294 ± 346214-61066226-6074
19[59c]Layer [59]AurochsSUERC-609176881 ± 335793-57235845-5686
19[64]Layer [59]Wild pigSUERC-423416396 ± 265464-53255469-5320
22[91]Layer [91]AurochsSUERC-519696198 ± 325216-50735289-5048
19[77.1]Layer [59]AurochsSUERC-472486114 ± 285199-49925208-4948
19[76]Layer [59]AurochsSUERC-462246018 ± 314947-48484998-4810
19[77.5]Layer [59]Red deerSUERC-519726009 ± 284939-48484989-4808
19[67]Layer [59]AurochsSUERC-372085900 ± 354798-47224846-4695
19[77.4]Layer [59]AurochsSUERC-519715881 ± 264781-47224826-4702
24[107]Layer- loessOak charcoalSUERC-668205412 ± 304327-42594340-4183
24[114]Posthole [115]CharcoalSUERC-569195424 ± 25-4336-4246
24[212W]Tree throw [111], lower fillOak CharcoalSUERC-668225298 ± 304227-40514236-4041
24[218]Tree throw [111], lower fillOak CharcoalSUERC-668235302 ± 294227-40544234-4045
24[210]Tree throw [111], main fillAlder/hazelSUERC-668214748 ± 293632-32503636-3381
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