Save Our Stonehenge

The scheme by Highways England to relieve the congestion on the A303 by placing a tunnel through the World Hertiage Site landscape past Stonehenge, has been met with huge criticism from Archaeologists, local people and even UNESCO. Despite these criticisms the scheme keeps ploughing on, and eventually will be plouging through important archaeology in its course.

A consortium of these notable archaeologists and experts on the landscape have had enough and have teamed up to fight against the tunnel from a legal standpoint. To do this the consortium will have to raise funds for the legal fees, so far a legal team has been doing preliminary work which has given rise to the fact that there is a very good case against the tunnel which needs to be investigated. This preliminary work and the ongoing work of the lawyers will not be posible without some financial help. This is why the Save Our Stonehenge crowdfunder has been launched, so that each and every person who believes that Stonehenge is too sacred and special a landscape to be destroyed can give what they can to help fight for their Stonehenge.

David Jacques from the Blick Mead dig explains why he is supporting this campaign in this youtube video.

Stonehenge belongs to each and every one of us, and the landscape around it has been singled out as having unique heritage value. This is all of our heritage at risk and we cannot allow this icon of Britian to be tarnished in such a damaging manner, and all the future potential research which will come from places in the landscape such as Blick Mead, to be destroyed forever. There are items which have been recovered from Blick Mead which have give internationally important information about the landscape, these items would probably not have survived long enough to have been found had the tunnel been built ten years ago!

For more information and to donate to this amazing cause please see the crowdfunding website and please give as much as you can.

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