Stonehenge Tunnel – Will it? Won’t it?

The Blick Mead Archaeologists, along with thousands of people who signed a petition against the Stonehenge A303 tunnel scheme, are waiting with abaited breath for a decision on the scheme. It is believed this decision will come on the 11th March with the budget speech, however there have already been rumours that the scheme is due to be axed.

Salisbury Journal led with a story on the 28th February that the scheme has become too expensive, now estimated at £2bn, which together with recent victories for campaigners against the Heathrow expansion and a huge petition being taken to No. 10 against the A303 tunnel, might just put enough pressure on the government to scrap the controversial idea.

It is reported that the government are seriously looking into other ideas for the A303, these may include the idea put forward by Blick Meads very own Andy Rhind-Tutt for a bypass around Salisbury which would ease congestion not just on the A303 road, but also throughout the Salisbury areas too.

For Blick Mead this news is very welcome, as has been reported many times, it is believed that the current proposals for the A303 tunnel and flyover at Countess Roundabout would have huge adverse effects on the site and the archaeology preserved there.

We wait with fingers crossed for the 11th March!

If you would like to read the full news story from the Salisbury Journal you can find it here.

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